We aim to be the BEST media production company for the BEST clients.

We teach teens marketable skills, while producing great marketing for businesses and organizations.

We believe in serving the community by helping other non-profits market their services.


We are really much more than a simple production house. We can produce beautiful solutions for website needs. We have seen great success in assisting brands to gain traction on social media. We have years of experience with branding and brand (re)development. One true passion is video production. We’ve had the opportunity to work on some really fun projects. See some of them here in our video portfolio. In the last 2 years, Do Good Media has been heavily involved in event marketing festivals in north florida. We’ve done everything, including the website design and management, integrated web and social media organic and paid advertising, all of the graphic design work including print and digital. This has been a great learning opportunity and we are now fully capable of producing a marketing plan for small to medium size events from 10 to 8000 people. We have a particular knack for working in rural communities without a lot of traditional media exposure.



We are simply the social entrepreneurial arm of the Youth Advocacy Partnership. That means, that we love to do work that worth paying for and worth doing. We feel strongly that we need to connect with the goals of our clients on a deeper level than simply getting paid at the end of the day. If we can help, we will. If we can make a difference in our communities, we will work doubly hard to see our efforts succeed.


We have a plan to grow organically. We are hesitant to take on work that is beyond our strengths, but we do look for opportunities to grow our skill sets, and our talent. We are always looking for talented young people to intern and learn on the job as well as increase our capacity for growth. As we grow, we will have more paid gigs available for our certified volunteers.