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3 Steps To Improve Your Small Town Business:


Step 1

Schedule A Call with Steven. [He’s easy to talk to.]

Step 2

Have a conversation about what you sell, and who needs it.

Step 3

Make a plan for connecting with your customers online.

Survive & Thrive

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Make Your Website WORK!

Turn visitors into leads with a
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Use VIDEO to Connect!

Speak to your customers in a way they will listen!  Video is the medium!


Show Up On Social Media

Reach your audience where they are!  With managed content and paid ads.

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Small towns are better, when local businesses thrive!

Small Towns NEED Heroes Like You!

  • You provide jobs!  And our economy NEEDS you now more than ever!
  • You solve real-world problems for your friends, family, and neighbors.
  • You deserve to win.  Let the big box stores sell their souls… but you can win with love.  And we want to help you do it!

Don’t be afraid to work with Do Good Media.  Let’s strengthen your business with a clear message and a clear marketing plan.  Your Small Town needs you!


Step 1

Schedule A Call with Steven.
[He’s easy to talk to.]

Step 2

Have a conversation about what you sell, and who needs it.


Step 3

Make a plan for connecting with your customers online.

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Common Excuses NOT to Work with a Marketer.

If you’ve used one or all of these excuses before, Schedule a call with Steven.  We can help.

Marketing Feels Slimy

At Do Good Media, we don’t like to work with Slimy People/Businesses.  If you are operating your business in a slimy way… then Steven will likely not do business with you.  Period.

Marketing is NOT slimy.  People are slimy.  IF you have a real bonafide solution to someone’s problem (a problem that is causing pain) then you have a MORAL obligation to tell them you can help.  That’s what marketing is.  Telling the right people with the right problem, that you can help.  There’s nothing slimy about that!

I can't afford to spend a bunch of money on ads.

That’s probably true.  Especially if you don’t know how to talk about your product/service.  You’d be throwing your money straight into the toilet.

However, if you have a clear message strategy… your ads should EASILY pay for themselves with new customers and new sales.

I have a facebook page... I don't see why I should have a website too.

It is possible, that your Facebook page is adequate for your business goals.

But probably not.  Facebook can be a great asset to your business.  But you need to realize you don’t own it.  You can’t have control of how and when you talk with your “fans”.  Ultimately you are using a free service that has no obligation to you at all.  You are simply renting space, and FB is your landlord.  If you want to have fewer middlemen between you and your customers, then you need a website.  (see the next point)

I don't see how a website will make a difference in our business?

Here are a few ways to think about it:

  • You control every word on your website… so you can craft a message that speaks directly to your ideal customer.
  • When talking to your ideal customers, you can provide value without distractions (not a billboard, or radio ad, or the endless scroll of instagram and facebook)
  • You can collect your potential customers (lead) contact information to follow up.
  • You can nurture that lead until they become a paying customer
  • You can make unlimited pieces of content that talk to the specific problems your ideal customers are facing.

There are many other reasons your website can help your business grow (from selling a product or service; collecting money directly, providing customer service; and so so much more.)… but it can’t do anything if it doesn’t exist.

My daughter/cousin/nephew/neighbor's kid, ___ knows a lot about computers... I'll just have them "do our promotions"

I hear similar thoughts a lot.  My 14-year-old daughter has NEVER known a single day in her life, that I didn’t have an iPhone with access to the internet.  That makes her a “digital native”: meaning it’s not foreign to her.

Being a Digital Native does not make someone an expert in solving the problems of YOUR customers.

Just because someone knows how a computer works or isn’t confused by using a cell phone… does NOT make that person qualified to help your business communicate with your ideal customers.  This requires the ability to synthesize your value proposition into words that will connect with the frustrations of your customers.

Don’t put that responsibility on the neighbor’s kid.  Do it yourself, or hire Do Good Media.