What does it mean to “push the envelope”? What does it mean to take something to the edge, without falling off? how do you go really far out there, Without going too far?

As visual professionals, we often try to break the mold and do new things. This is not just a bold design characteristic, but often something built into good designers. This is something that CAN be taught, but more often than not it’s something designers got in trouble for as kids. It’s in them. It’s who they are.

We love to work with creative and ambitious people, but some of the best designers I’ve met are not always the most ambitious. They aren’t always looking for the next step on the ladder… or some kind of promotion, but rather seek the thrill of doing something new. Doing things a little differently.

If you know a creative person give them a hug.

If you know a creative teen who’s struggling because he/she doesn’t have an artistic outlet, share this message with her:

“You are able to see things that others don’t see. And it can be exhausting, but there are so many ways you can channel that energy to do things differently. Create something you are proud of. And share it with other people. We want to see what you make.  We’re watching.”


-the folks at Do Good Media.