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You’ve been afraid of spending money on marketing… because you don’t know if it will work.

By using a proven marketing framework that gets results, you can feel confident in your marketing messages.

Our Custom Farm Marketing Playbook gives you the words you need to use to cut through the noise and get customers to buy.  Our playbook includes:

  • A concise One-Liner (that actually makes customers interested in your products)
  • A 1-page script to use when talking to new customers
  • Suggested language for your website (for you to implement)
  • Lead Generator (25 ideas for content to collect customers’ contact information)
  • A Series of emails to send to customers to remind them you exist.
  • Sales email campaign¬†

Our Mission

By 2025, we want to help 200 farmers create direct communication with at least 50 customers each.  If farmers can skip the middlemen, they can generate more money & keep the farm in the family.