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Our Creative Director, Steven, went to the small town of Mayo, FL today to present to the business/design class with Mrs. Hancock.  When he returned from the trip, Steven said, [blockquote width=”]

“The kids I met with today were really awesome! They had a great sense of humor, and several seem to have a real eye for design. I hope we’ll be able to work with them in the near future.”


Working with ambitious young people is energizing.  It was also cool to see a teacher who is jazzed about the subject she is teaching.  Sadly, it’s all too often not the case when we are in classrooms.  The teachers just don’t really care that much.  So, that was a pleasure.

There were several students who will be working on a project for FBLA a business focused student organization.  Steven will be providing some feedback on some of the initial logo ideas the students create. That’ll be fun, because it is so close to much of the work we are doing on a daily basis here at Do Good Media.  We design logos, and business identities for businesses, and these students will be doing this for a faux business.  But we hope to push them a little, so they can come up with some really STELLAR designs.

As for the title of this post: Kids in Mayo, Fl ROCK.  It’s true.  All the kids we’ve worked with from Mayo have a nice quality to them.  Most come from loving homes, and are respectful, and some of the most creative and ambitious of them, really have a spirit of adventure.

Looking forward to working with more of them.


Here are some more kids we worked with in Mayo.