What is a Grunt Test?

The name “Grunt Test” comes from the founder of StoryBrand, Donald Miller.  He says your website should be so clear quickly that even a caveman should be able to grunt in agreement.

Another way to think about it is a “5-Second” test.  Can your customers understand what you sell, how it helps them, and how to buy in 5 seconds or less?

Or you could call it a “Clarity Test” – How clear is your website’s landing page before they have to scroll?

Frankly, you can call it whatever you want… but you need to pass this test, if you want your customers to spend money with you. 

How to Figure Out if Your Website is CLEAR? One of the best ways, is by conducting a “Grunt Test”!

A Grunt test should tell you the answer to 3 questions:

  1. What do you sell (your product/service)?
  2. How does it help me (the customer)?
  3. How do I buy (or take the next necessary step to do business with you)?

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