This week I had the opportunity to participate in a downtown visioning meeting held at in Live Oak, right next door to our office.

The meeting was much like many of other meetings I’ve attended about how to develop Live Oak’s potential for economic growth, and how to keep Live Oak viable into the future.  This topic is one that I’m particularly interested in as a young business owner, and engaged citizen of the business community locally. It turns out that due to a grant (and much interest outside of Suwannee County), we were able to bring in national experts on the topics of rural community development, and redevelopment and several other buzz words. All-in-all, it was a great couple of days.  There will be a 3rd day tomorrow (Nov 16th, 2013) at Heritage Park & Gardens from 9am – 12pm.  It’s open to the public and I’d encourage anyone interested in the future of downtown Live Oak to check it out. The idea I’m most excited about is a cohesive “brand identity” to Live Oak… Something I believe Live Oak has been missing in a bad way!  Our community really needs something to grab ahold of.  Something to connect to.  Something that can stick in visitors minds, and make them want to return.  Of course, just like a business, the brand is WAY MORE than just the logo and a tagline.  It’s the entire experience.  The emotional connection.  How people feel about you.  So by all means, our business readers need to be reminded of this point often… but it’s cool to think of the community’s brand. Do Good Media recently produced the visit Suwannee County video for the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Development Council.  We believe we’ve affectively shown what Suwannee County is all about. Here’s a quick video of footage from the meeting I attended.  It was a great meeting, and I really look forward to the momentum that has been created.  It’s an exciting time.  If you’re into the whole community thing. [action background_color=”] We can work with your organization for event videos, and branding and much more… click here to request a consultation.