Dearest Teacher/Mind Expander,

We recognize the role you play in inspiring teenagers!  You’re job is super-cool, and totally think you’re the “bee’s knees”.

So, we would like to give you an hour.  3600 seconds of our graphic design/social media/website/video/photography/all-around-creative time.  Our time is the only truly non-renewable resource… which makes this the most valuable and truly heartfelt offering we’ve ever put in writing.  

Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back with you SOON!  Just a few ideas how we might help (you are not limited to these… but just to get you thinking):

  • Design Door Sign (Welcome to Mrs. Ramirez’s Class)
  • A custom “Class Rules” poster designed for your room
  • A custom header designed for handouts with your contact info (or any other info)
  • We could shoot a quick “welcome video” aimed at parents of your students… you could send the link to parents to reduce the roadblocks of communication.
  • We could take candid pics of you teaching/interacting with students during class.
  • Design a custom keynote/powerpoint template to be used throughout the year

Obviously we can do a lot more than that, but let us know how you want to use “Our Hour”!

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