So there’s a pretty common keyboard shortcut that almost every designer uses often (and too often forgets to use).

It’s [Command] + [S]

Simple.  Profound.  And a nightmare when you get so wrapped up in the project you don’t use it!

This shortcut “saves” your work.  I recently was working on a Restaurant’s Menu redesign (hopefully I’ll be able to show that work in a future post soon) and got so caught up in designing, I literally worked for 2.5 hours without that handy keyboard shortcut!

You know that happened next…

I got everything looking great, began the export for a printed proof (this is a relatively lengthy process, because I’m working on an older MacPro that has served me well, but is tired) and while waiting for the exported files to complete, I was caught up by a song I was listening to (btw, is awesome while working).  I clicked through the the bands website and unintentionally allowed iTunes to launch to play a preview of their new song.

[blockquote width=”]



Everything stopped!  Not even the deadly rainbow-pinwheel-of-doom.  Just. Stopped.

… and THAT is when I remembered my favorite keyboard shortcut!  But it was too late.  I’d lost 2.5 hours of work and a great deal of self esteem.  My eyes teared a bit, and it was almost 5pm.  I had kids at home waiting to play soccer with their awesome (yet out of shape) father.

So I did what any designer would do… I sobbed!  And took this picture and posted it to instagram.

instagram sadness

The lesson:

“Save Save Save… and then Save again just in case.”

You’re welcome!