The false dichotomy of social OR website is a mistake. Too many times we’ e seen small businesses with a tight budget try to make the choice between investing in a website OR committing to an active social media presence.

I tell people that is shouldn’t be a this OR that decision but how much of both? Basically, it’s important to decide what your goals are for your business? If you have any customers under the age of 90 then you need to have at very minimum a “business card” website. Your customers need to be able to find an official place that you call your own on the web. Setting aside SEO and other web 3.0 best practices… Lets just say a minimum entry level position requires a website…. This is no longer optional.

Going back to your business goals you need to decide if your customers want/need to have a relationship with you and your brand? If so social media is a must. The next big question is which social media… Well it comes back to your business goals and your communication style And where your customers want to hear from you? If you’re a small business in a small town, what have your customers asked you about?

There are plenty of options for which platform or how many platforms to create a presence, but it should always be based on your business goals.