We love sponsoring a local recreation department soccer team (full disclosure: The Boss has 2 kids that play on the team!).

But when those kids play we have so much fun watching them learn the game, skills, and lessons associated with soccer: Teamwork, Dependability, the importance of playing, fulfilling your job on the field, how important assisting the guy who scores is…  Each year that we are a sponsor we make sure to capture video and images of the kids so they will always have this great memory.  It was a privilege to sponsor this outstanding soccer team!

We would like to give a shout out to Becky Skipper for being an awesome coach!

Also, we would like to give a shout out to Jonah Schwab (the newest member of Do Good Media) for filming and editing the video!

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As a business sponsor of a soccer team, we think about how much exposure we’ll get and how we can take advantage of the cost as a promotional/sponsorship expense.  It’s critical to think about your audience with all expenses, but this particular expense is EASY, because the kids are so great.  We try hard to work with the coach, to ensure all info sent to parents are branded with our logo.  We also ensured our jersees had our name not just the standard info the recreation department would automatically add to the uniforms.  We also tried to take advantage of our business’s strengths: social media, video, and graphic design.

If you are sponsoring a team, how do you try to leverage the exposure to get more than just a good feeling?  …and a lost voice when yelling for the little kids 🙂