Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Some terms you may have heard are mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized or mobile-first. All these terms, essentially, mean that your website is optimized to look good on any screen size.

Mobile Devices are King

The third way to know your website might be broken is if they’re inaccessible on mobile devices. Based on all our data from sites here in North Florida, 70 to 85% of web visits are from mobile devices. So if you’re holding out saying, “Nobody’s looking at my website on a mobile phone,” well, yeah they are.

Quick Tests

There’s a couple things you can do to test to see whether your website is mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile devices. First, you can take your device and turn it this way and then turn it this way. If everything on your site stays exactly the same and there’s been no shifts, chances are, your site is broken.

Another quick thing you can do to test this right now is to pull up your website on your mobile device, and see if text continues to crawl past the edge of the screen. If words are going off the edge of the screen, your site’s broken.

Another quick test is, go to your website on your mobile device, and pinch and zoom, pinch and zoom. If your site moves around after you’ve pinched and zoomed, chances are, it’s not really mobile-friendly.

Speed is Important

Just like we mentioned in the load speed, speed on mobile devices is incredibly important. People are getting more and more impatient on their device. If it doesn’t load immediately, they’re gonna move on. So make sure that your site is optimized for speed on mobile devices. One way you can do this is reduce the size of images. In fact, if an image isn’t critical, make it go away, don’t even load it on a mobile device. Wait a second, you can change what loads on a mobile device instead of a computer screen? You’re darn tootin’. It’s the Internet, you can do anything.

Utilize Mobile Links

Another thing small businesses don’t really consider when they’re thinking about the mobile version of their website, every time you have your phone number listed on your website, it actually uses a Tel Link, so that I can click on it and call you. I’m already on a phone. You can do the same thing with email links and social media profiles. Make sure they’re linked directly to the actual platforms, because that’s what people do on their cellular devices.

    If this all seems too daunting, Do Good Media is happy to help. For less than $500 we offer a website audit package, where we will go over your website and detail all the necessary changes to get your website running smooth and effectively.


    Talk to your web developer now and have them fix it. Or, do it yourself. If you think that sounds scary, don’t even worry about it. Just call Do Good Media. We can build you a website that works. We build websites for mobile devices all the time. 


    1. A majority of your web traffic WILL be on mobile devices.
    2. Test your website on a mobile device and see if it works
    3. Hide content on the mobile version that could slow your customers down
    4. Make your phone number and social links direct to the apps in question