Making Your Website Secure

If your site isn’t secure, you might be leaving a gaping hole for ne’er-do-wells, miscreants, bad guys. Really, anyone with bad intentions could take the information from your customers, just because you don’t have it secure.

The fourth way to know your website might be broken is it lacks security. Okay, so why is security important on your website? Most people are flipping out about security. When people say they’re gonna sell your information, yuck. It’s reasons like that really upset customers. And customers do not want their information sold.

Is My Site Secure?

So you may be asking yourself, “Well how do I know if my site’s secure or not?” Pull up your website in a web browser. In the top-left corner of your browser, you’ll see some kind of icon. Usually, it’s like a green padlock. It’ll say, “This website is secure.” If it doesn’t have that, you might even have a message that says, “Not secure.” This is a problem.

If your website isn’t secure, it’s broken. Think about this for a second. Most of your customers are coming to your website because they’ve Googled your business name, to get your phone number or to get your hours or to get the address or to find out what services you provide. Google tells them, “This website is not secure.” They essentially put a huge roadblock up and say, “Do not go here, customers, go to my competitors.” You don’t want that.

Get an SSL

You need your site to be secure. There’s a couple ways you can do that. One thing you can do is get an SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Essentially, it just gives you that green padlock that says, “It is safe to enter.” Google, which again, is the largest search engine in the world, they’re the ones who are sending most of your clients or customers to your website. If Google tells them, “Don’t go here,” guess what? They’re not coming. 

Secure Sites get Rewarded

If you only do business in your community or your state, great, no worries. You still need an SSL, because Google is gonna start penalizing your website, because it’s not secure, meaning your site will not show up as high as it used to in search results. This is Organic Value. You wanna list as high as you can in Google, so that people will go to your site, instead of your competitors. If your competitor has an SSL and you don’t, guess what? You’re going down, they’re going up. You don’t want that. Be the competitor that wins. Get your site secure today. 

    If this all seems too daunting, Do Good Media is happy to help. For less than $500 we offer a website audit package, where we will go over your website and detail all the necessary changes to get your website running smooth and effectively.

    The thing is, it’s not even that expensive. It’s less than a hundred dollars a year. This should not be the thing that breaks your website. If you don’t wanna try to do this yourself, and I understand, it can be difficult. And if you’re not used to websites, it can be very daunting. Don’t worry about it, Do Good Media can help. Give us a call. We’d be happy to build you a safe and secure website that’s lightning fast, and get it up and running immediately.


    1. Your customers will be discouraged by their browser if your site is not secure
    2. If your site is not secure, you’re putting your customers and yourself at risk
    3. Get an SSL. They’re cheap and will keep your site secure
    4. Google will push you down in search results if your competitor has an SSL and you don’t