“The Giver” & designers

18 Dec 2014, Posted by DGM Staff in Art, Business, Design

I just watched “The Giver”. It was a refreshingly good film. I recommend it. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the basic plot: In the future, after the world experiences near extinction, the new society is founded on a few immutable principals which ultimately rob…


23 Jan 2014, Posted by DGM Staff in Art, Design, Life

So there’s a pretty common keyboard shortcut that almost every designer uses often (and too often forgets to use). It’s [Command] + [S] Simple.  Profound.  And a nightmare when you get so wrapped up in the project you don’t use it! This shortcut “saves” your…

Kids in Mayo, FL ROCK

12 Nov 2013, Posted by DGM Staff in Art, Design, Life, Out and About

Our Creative Director, Steven, went to the small town of Mayo, FL today to present to the business/design class with Mrs. Hancock.  When he returned from the trip, Steven said, Working with ambitious young people is energizing.  It was also cool to see a teacher…